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Chapter 8. Implement > Building Implementive Skills

Building Implementive Skills

Of the nine strategic approaches for managing disagreement, two require special attention. To collaborate or bargain successfully, you need interpersonal skills congruent with the character of each process. The following guidelines will help you to apply these approaches skillfully.

Collaboration, also called consensual decision-making. This is a win-win strategy based on self-disclosure and mutual trust. All cards must be put, face up, on the table. Participant differences are resolved when they reach an agreement that reasonably satisfies all expressed needs and hopes. The following steps lead to constructive collaboration.

  1. Don’t impose a solution. The basic ground rule is that a collective view must emerge—neither from coercion nor majority vote—but from forthright, empathetic discussion.

  2. Provide background information. Stakeholders present their views with enough background for others to understand them in context. Say what really matters to you, including your assumptions, and concerns.

  3. Don’t surrender your view to reduce group tension. If you throw in the towel to be a “nice guy” or to avoid the heat of confrontation, you deny others the benefit of your insights and reasoning.

  4. Actively invite different views. This is not a win-lose competition. Everyone can win, but only when the richness of diverse views are honestly expressed and then creatively blended.

  5. Search deeply for understanding. Listen to others to appreciate their insights. Honor their disclosures as you would a valued gift. Take time between responses for reflection.

  6. Keep testing ideas for group acceptance. As you integrate ideas, keep checking to determine when relevant interests are satisfied and concerns adequately addressed.



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