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Part XI: The Final Episode

Part XI: The Final Episode

You have now completed the book and you should be closer to an effective working partnership. It is your right and responsibility to manage your manager. It is part of your job.

You have the most vested interest in your career, personal satisfaction and happiness. These ideas will help you understand and focus on the big picture, communicate for greater impact and build bridges with your boss. You now know how to confront your supervisor with compassion and have analyzed your boss’ behavioral style. You have learned how to manage those time management monsters and how to build your career ladder. The rest is up to you.

You really have three choices when it comes to your relationship with your manager:

  1. Change your manager

  2. Change your environment

  3. Change yourself

Of these three choices, you have control over only yourself. So, what action are you going to take as a result of reading this book?

If you have already changed the way you cope with your boss, you may have experienced some of these benefits:

  • Reduced physical and mental stress

  • Increased opportunity for recognition and promotion

  • The company implemented my ideas

  • Increase in my self-confidence, motivation and morale

  • Increased respect from colleagues

  • Helped me make a career decision about whether to leave job

  • Anticipate and avoid problems with my boss

  • Improved the quality and quantity of work

  • Increased enjoyment of my job

If you do not take action, not much will change.

We hope this book has helped you accept the things you cannot change in your job, has given you the courage to change the things you can, and that you have gained some knowledge in understanding the difference between the two.

Best wishes as you design your partnership plan and turn it into positive action!



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