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Part VII: The Care and Feeding of a Boss > Six Ways to Become a Star

Chapter 21. Six Ways to Become a Star

You can become a “star employee” by exhibiting the above qualities. Make a commitment to gain these qualities by completing the following exercise. Check each of the following abilities that you intend to improve on in the next six months:

1. Decision-making Although I may occasionally err, I will take a risk rather than do nothing. I will not sit around waiting for someone to tell me what to do. If I see a job that needs to be done, I will do it.
2. Responsibility I will be where I am supposed to be and take responsibility for my actions. I will be willing to work hard, even if it involves overtime. I will get my job done without constant checking and nagging, follow through on my own and tie up loose ends.
3. Communication I will be patient, willing to listen and work at getting along with customers, co-workers and managers. If the boss does something helpful, I will say so. I will provide verbal affirmation without being manipulative. I will go directly to my boss for discussion about problems, rather than complain to other staff members.
4. Creativity I will be flexible and open to change. I will study problems from a different perspective. I will channel my innovative ideas to produce improvement rather than chaos or policy violations.
5. Quality I will deliver services and products with distinction to external and internal customers. I will complete my work so co-workers can do theirs right. I will use my knowledge and job skills with personal pride. I will be willing to improve my own knowledge and skills, understand the company “big picture” and help create it.
6. Time Management I will control unnecessary interruptions in my own work and in interactions with others. I will not waste my boss’ time. I will be on time to meetings and lunch. I will meet project deadlines and return telephone calls promptly.



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