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Chapter 20. Reading Your Boss > Exercise 2: The Stop Sign

Exercise 2: The Stop Sign

Pause to read the stop signs along the way. They could signal danger or provide alternate directions. Check at least three behaviors that describe your boss’ actions.

Typical Behaviors Your Boss
1. Carefully plans everything with lists, short- and long-range plans, timelines P___
2. Seeks perfection in everything; researches every decision P___
3. Performs routine work and follows schedules such as starting and ending work at the same time every day S___
4. Experiments with new ideas and projects; takes risks with proven projects T___
5. Tells people what to do more than asking or convincing them T___
6. Is very outgoing and friendly, smiles a lot, knows about everyone at work O___
7. Is very low key;can be depended on to get work done S___
8. Focuses on end result or goals rather than processes used to get there T___
9. Asks questions like, “How do people work together? Do they enjoy their work?” O___
10. Often gives detailed directions on how to do a new assignment S___
11. Asks, “What is the bottom line, end result or the big picture?” T___
12. Inquires when evaluating an assignment, “Where is the research on this? How can I be sure it will work?” P___
13. When stressed, becomes disorganized and talks a lot O___
14. Office and desk are very neatly organized; has an efficient filing system S___
15. When communicating with people, is encouraging, supportive, asks their opinions, lets others handle details O___
16. Communicates precisely based on facts, logic, proven ideas rather than feelings and assumptions P___



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