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Planning Steps

  1. Analyze the situation. Set goals according to your own values and purpose, within the framework of the organization. Your goals should also meet your supervisor’s goals. Set up a three-to-five year plan and break it down into achievable one year plans. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do this year (month, week) to get closer to achieving my long-range goals?”

  2. Develop weekly objectives. Establish short-range goals that will lead you to your long-range plans.

  3. Make decisions on priority items and develop a daily plan. Prioritize according to your and the organization’s goals. You may want to use an ABCD system (or whatever system works for you).

    A=Important (goal-related) and urgent

    B=Important, but not urgent

    C=Urgent, but not important

    D=Neither important nor urgent

    Once you have come up with a list of what needs to be done, prioritize using your system, and estimate how long each item will take. Continually rearrange your schedule so that you do the most important things first; block out large chunks of time for the really important tasks.

    Sometimes everything becomes an A priority, and we begin living from crisis to crisis. Do not do whatever screams the loudest unless it is important. Learn to say no. Focus on the B tasks, which will give the biggest payoff. Constantly remind yourself of your goals and ask yourself what you have done today to get one step closer to them.

  4. Stick to your plan and review the results. It will probably take about thirty days of concentrated effort to get your plan to work for you. Most people who stick to it for several months really get hooked and cannot imagine what they did before they used it.

How to Manage the Monsters

Planning is not the only ingredient in effective time management. Many barriers can restrict effective time management in boss-employee partnerships.



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