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Chapter 30. Assess Yourself > Exercise 1: Your Career Advancement Scoresheet

Exercise 1: Your Career Advancement Scoresheet

Rate the frequency with which you perform the following activities. Use the rating scale: 5=always; 4=most of the time; 3=sometimes; 2=rarely; 1=never.

1. Attend work-related conferences when available _____
2. Advise decision makers of my interest in advancement, according to procedures and customs of the organization _____
3. Participate in meetings or other group activities _____
4. Receive positive feedback from others without asking for it _____
5. Speak positively about my company to outside people _____
6. Keep informed of requirements for career advancement in my company and field _____
7. Read items in my specialty to keep up-to-date _____
8. Read outside my field to learn new skills _____
9. Attend seminars, courses, speeches to expand skills _____
10. Observe the unwritten rules of my organization such as dress code, behavioral styles and friendship patterns _____
11. Seek increased responsibilities such as serving on committees, project teams, etc. ____
12. Belong to at least one work-related organization such as a trade association ____
13. Serve on a committee of at least one community or professional organization ____
14. Talk to friends and relatives about my career plans ____
15. Expand my circle of acquaintances to include people who can help me with career advancement ____
16. Complete assignments on time ____
17. Go the extra mile to satisfy customers ____
18. Receive above average to excellent evaluations ____
19. Adhere to policies and procedures of company ____
20. Make changes or suggest ways to improve work ____
21. Perform work well ____
22. Maintain exemplary attendance records ____
23. Communicate clearly ____
24. Seek feedback on the quality of my work ____
25. Work on aspects of my performance that need improvement ____
26. Develop and implement personal career plans based on an annual self-assessment ____
27. Be known as a self-starter ____
28. Display a positive attitude ____
29. Get along well with peers, supervisors, clients and others ____
30. If I have a personal conflict, find ways to resolve it ____



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