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Chapter 4. When to Turn Down the Volume,... > What Should Betty Do? - Pg. 12

When to Turn Down the Volume, or Find Someone Else to Do It 12 to do. Continue to ignore such behavior and hope for the best? Confront Allison privately to bring her motivation out in the open? Raise the problem for discussion at a meeting where she might gain support? Fight back covertly to put Allison on notice that she wasn't going to take her rude insults and actions anymore? Or what? What Should Betty Do? Here are some possibilities. In Betty's place, what would you do and why? What do you think the outcomes of these different options would be? Ignore Allison's putdowns, mistakes, and lack of responsive behavior; think of them as Alli- son's problem rather than taking them personally, and hope things will get smoothed over if you don't stir up the pot. Arrange for a private meeting with Allison and ask her what the problem is and what you can do to help resolve whatever's bothering her. Bring up her experiences at a staff meeting to alert others to the problem, gain their support, and prevent Allison from continuing to get away with her actions.