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Praise for Coping with Toxic Managers, Subordinates ...and Other Difficult P...

Praise for Coping with Toxic Managers, Subordinates ...and Other Difficult People:

“In any organization, recognizing and understanding the nature and impact of toxic behaviors can provide for the ability to manage the adverse environment and mitigate the potential risks that we often face in the workplace. In Coping with Toxic Managers, Roy Lubit skillfully tackles this complicated topic by presenting the psychological aspects of toxic behaviors in a manner that is understandable and embraceable. This is not one of those ’flavor of the month’ pop-psychology books—it’s truly about the science of how and why toxic people think, act, and react. Read this book and you may start looking at the people in your organization quite differently.”

V.P. Business Transformation and Change Management, UNISYS Corporation

“I found this book to be right on the mark and learned a lot from it. Lubit understands the problems people in business face from difficult people above and below them and comes up with very insightful and practical ways to deal effectively with the situations. If all of my managers read this book they would do their jobs better.”

President and CEO, Etronics

“Executives, and the senior HR officers who counsel them, struggle every day with how to deal with toxic leaders, the ones who try to achieve high performance by abusing, intimidating, mistreating, and demeaning their subordinates. Finally someone has written a book on how to handle the various types of corporate ax murderers, how to help them develop, and when to let them go.”

Professor, Columbia Business School;
formerly Sr. VP and Chief People Officer for Pepsi-Cola worldwide

“Roy Lubit’s new book is an exciting breakthrough for anyone who has ever had a boss! It’s hard to remember that bosses are only people. This book helps you understand what makes them tick, how to understand their different styles, how you can manage them effectively from below, and how to get everyone working on the same team. Lubit’s secret ingredient is his incisive knowledge of how people and organizations work. A must read!”

—JEFFREY P. KAHN, M.D., President, WorkPsych Associates, Inc.;
Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Cornell University;
and former President, Academy of Occupational and Organizational Psychiatry

“To lead and manage effectively, we need to understand the people with whom we work. Coping with Toxic Managers, Subordinates...and Other Difficult People is an excellent and thorough book containing crucial insights into why managers behave as they do, and how to cope with different types of people. It will not only help you to understand and better deal with toxic managers, but it will also help you work with yourself and with the normal vulnerabilities of managers with whom you work everyday.”

—RONALD A. HEIFETZ, Co-Founder, Center for Public Leadership,
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

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