191 Chapter 31. Addendum First Steps Flow Chart There is a lot to consider when facing a toxic manager. What are your options? What are the pros and cons of each option? Key issues to assess include: Strategic Assessment for Dealing with Toxic Superiors 1. What is the cost of the situation? · Can I tolerate it? · What is it doing to my career? · What is it doing to my health and general well-being? · What is it costing my family? What are my values? · Work/life balance? · Work success at all cost? What are my options? · Can I improve my ability to tolerate the situation through changes in work style/schedule or through my own executive coaching/therapy? 2. 3. 4. How costly is it to make these changes? · What are the likely outcomes of formal or informal complaints to superiors? · Are there other places I can go inside or outside of the company? · What is the market like for people with my skills? · How will these moves affect my career, family, health? How likely is it that I can succeed in decreasing the toxic behavior? · What drives the person's behavior, and can I avoid irritating him or her? · What is his or her personality structure? How narcissistic is he? How angry a person is he? Does he have any empathy for others? Does he have a conscience? Does he or she have any capacity for insight? · Is stress a factor in the toxic behavior? Will the person's stress and toxic behavior decrease by themselves? Can I help change the situation? · Are anxiety and depression factors? Can I recommend he get treatment for them?