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Chapter 5. Antisocial Managers > Emotional Intelligence Approach to Antisocial ...

Emotional Intelligence Approach to Antisocial Managers

Robert Hare, perhaps the expert on antisocial behavior, makes a number of suggestions for what to do when confronted with a psychopath.

  1. Know with whom you are dealing and respect their power. Appreciating that such people exist and are remarkably able to manipulate others is your first line of defense.

  2. Try not to be overly impressed or blinded by people with a captivating presence. Try not to let yourself be taken in by their superficial warmth, charm, fascinating stories, intoxicating self-confidence, and promises. Moreover, avoid the overly intense, emotionless eye contact that can intimidate and transfix. People who seem too good to be true probably are.

  3. Push for more detailed information and check the information they give you. If they are evasive and vague in response to attempts to find out about them, your radar should sound increasingly loudly.

  4. Share information with people. Don’t keep information to yourself out of embarrassment.

  5. When you start worrying, keep worrying, and gather more information. If you walk out of a confrontation feeling that the other person is the victim, you are likely dealing with a skilled psychopath.

  6. Avoid power struggles, since ruthless people unencumbered by normal inhibitions and empathy can be very dangerous. Just get away. Don’t expect them to change.

  7. If at all unsure, obtain professional consultation from someone skilled in dealing with antisocial managers. This does not mean that you should get them a therapist. Antisocial managers are very unlikely to improve in a positive way in therapy. They are more likely to use the experience to develop even better tools for manipulating people.



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