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Chapter 20. Two Routes to the Top > Career Planning Factors

Career Planning Factors

As you plan your career, take the following seven human-relations factors into consideration.

  1. The longer you stay with a growing company, the more opportunities you will have, provided that you continue to learn and maintain good horizontal and vertical relationships.

  2. Moving horizontally into every possible department in an organization is a good idea, even if the move does not give you an immediate pay increase. Not only will you improve your knowledge base, but you will also be in a position to build new relationships that can help your career progress.

  3. Discover and study the various channels of promotion in your company. Attempt to move up through the channel that best suits your ability. Set the stage for promotion through your human-relations skills.

  4. Within bounds, do not fear being aggressive. Submit ideas that have been well researched. Communicate upward. Demonstrate your human-relations skills at every opportunity.

  5. When a position becomes vacant, let management know in the right way that you are interested. Do not assume that they know. It doesn’t hurt your relationships with others to ask.

  6. Cultivate and maintain relationships outside your organization, especially with people in professional or trade organizations. If it becomes obvious that your organization cannot provide you with the growth opportunities you desire, these individuals can help you scramble.

  7. Keep in mind that the training you receive as an employee (whether as a stabilizer or a scrambler) may be preparing you to enter a new career in an emerging field or to open a business of your own. Entrepreneurship is continuing to grow and is experiencing rapid growth in most parts of the world. E-commerce and improving communication technologies are creating exciting opportunities for all types of people, especially entrepreneurs.



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