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Chapter 10. Success as a Team Player > Team Attitude Factors

Team Attitude Factors

Success as a team member depends heavily upon the attitude of the individual toward the team. All teams are different. They may work on creative matters, production, service, and so on, but no team can function at its highest level if even one member has a consistently negative attitude. Regardless of the type of team, its composition, and its leadership, there are attitude factors that must be present among all team members. Here are a few.

  • Enthusiastic acceptance of the team concept as an organizational form. If you support such ideas as supervising yourself and working unselfishly for the team, you do so not because you are expected to contribute your best, but because you want to do your best.

  • Accepting the four Cs (conforming, cooperating, contributing, and collaborating) of team membership. As a team member, you will achieve because you will achieve more for your firm than would be true if you were an independent worker.

  • Undertaking the responsibility of self-discipline. By self-disciplining yourself, you recognize that your team leader has a less demanding style than would be the case in a traditional department.

  • Keeping your own attitude positive and upbeat. Your good attitude will help your other team members to be positive. Team spirit can do wonders for productivity.

  • Being willing to put your career temporarily in the hands of the team. Your future is somewhat determined by how other team members perform. Many a professional sports star has had a modest career because he (or she) was a member of a nonwinning team.

  • Realizing that the contributions of other team members may be different from yours. It is the blending of talent and abilities that can give a team power.

  • Maintaining an open attitude toward people of diverse cultures. An unprejudiced attitude toward all team members, regardless of cultural and other differences, is essential for effective teamwork.

  • Realizing that a good team leader has some of the attributes of a successful coach. Your attitude toward your team leader—a key individual—is crucial.



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