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Chapter 10. Success as a Team Player > Team Membership Essentials

Team Membership Essentials

As a team member or potential team member of the future, what should you learn so you will be an outstanding team player? Here are three basic requirements:

  1. A successful, highly respected team member should accept and promote the four Cs of team membership or your willingness to:

    • Conform to all decisions made by team members.

    • Cooperate with other team members without undue conflict.

    • Contribute talents without holding back for selfish reasons.

    • Collaborate with another member on a creative idea regardless of who receives more recognition for success.

      The four Cs of team membership communicate how team members can control their behavior so that all actions are in the best interest of the team as a whole. The four Cs of team membership also need to be accomplished with enthusiasm, self-discipline, and little supervision. It is not always easy to be a productive member of a work team. Some who have tried it prefer the traditional structure.

  2. To be effective, a team must have a leader who is sensitive to the needs of the team members. It is the team leader who can create a working environment where everyone wants to contribute. That is, as a team member, you must understand the role of your team leader and give her (or him) your full support even when mistakes are made. If you complain about your leader, you may also be criticizing your team, which means you are criticizing yourself.

  3. Not all work environments are suitable for the team approach. You may be preparing for a career where only parts of the team concept are applicable. For example, fast food operations may have such a frequent turnover of personnel there is not enough time to form a group into a team. In such cases, and many others, the traditional approach may produce the best results. In contrast, in a research department where a high level of creativity is needed, the team approach may be almost mandatory.



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