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Chapter 21. Keeping a Positive Attitude ... > Plateau-Related Action Steps - Pg. 127

Keeping a Positive Attitude Through Plateau Periods and Reorganizations 127 Can you volunteer for a very tough assignment that nobody else has been willing to tackle? A new assignment for which you volunteered could provide you with a personal challenge. It could also communicate a message to upper management about your potential and readiness to ac- cept more responsibility. Plateau-Related Action Steps There are many other action steps people can take to shorten plateau periods, or at least to make them easier to live through. There are also cases where the employee should not live through them but rather adopt the zigzag route to the top and initiate a move to another organization. In contem- plating such action, keep the following three points in mind. They will help you remain positive. 1. 2. 3. The first years with an organization should be viewed as an apprenticeship. The training and experience must be considered the plus factors during this learning period. The employee is serving an internship similar to that in the medical profession. Many employees have received promotions before they were ready, and their careers have been permanently damaged. Will you be sufficiently trained for a good opportunity when it does come? Will you be ready for the responsibility? Will you be sufficiently mature to handle it? "Too much too soon" could be a real threat to your long-range goal. Although few people question the fact that personal advancement is often slow during the starting years, they seldom point out that the tempo of personal progress can increase greatly in later years. Thus, don't set up a rigid personal timetable for yourself. Progress may be slow at the start of your career but very fast later. Yes, set a goal for yourself, but do not expect that goal to arrive exactly according to your time schedule. It may not fit that of your organi- zation.