Hold On to Your Positive Attitude 18 Make Frequent Self-Assessments When friends casually ask me "How are you doing?" I often jokingly reply: "I'm not sure but I intend to sit under a tree tomorrow and ask myself some questions to find out." Most employees make the mistake of waiting around for their organizations to complete an annual formal appraisal instead of frequently sitting under a shady tree somewhere and asking themselves questions similar to these. Am I currently transmitting a positive or negative attitude? Is my attitude influencing the quality and quantity of my personal productivity in a positive way? Am I sufficiently positive to be considered a fun and comfortable co-worker? Am I communicating to superiors through my attitude that I seek career advancements? Are my customers, clients, or co-workers responding to my attitude in an upbeat manner? Whatever form your self-assessment takes (attitude is a most personal matter), use it frequently. Check your attitude as you would the amount of gasoline in your car. Talk to yourself about the progress you are making. Don't sit around expecting someone else to do it for you. John. John's boss is a believer in formal appraisal programs. Instead of annual evaluations, he would prefer going through the process twice each year. In discussing the good showing John made on his current appraisal, his boss said: "John, I have noticed that your attitude and productivity always improves shortly before appraisal time and then settles back a few weeks afterward. I think it would be smart for you to appraise yourself every few weeks during the year. By periodic appraisal checks you would keep a more positive attitude and deserve a higher rating than I can give you now. Consistency is a big factor and I recommend frequent self-appraisals." Serendipity Holding on to your positive attitude will never be easy. There are many techniques, however, that