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Chapter 13. Attitudes Among Culturally D... > Your Cultural Comfort Zone

Your Cultural Comfort Zone

What is your attitude toward cultural diversification? Will you be comfortable working with more and more co-workers from cultures other than your own? To give you an indication, complete the following scale.


Place a check mark in the appropriate square and total your answers at the end of the scale.

  Yes No
1. Do you sometimes unknowingly favor co-workers from one culture over another?
2. Do you find yourself spending more social time during breaks and lunch periods with co-workers from your own culture?
3. Do you give full acceptance to new employees from one culture more slowly than another?
4. Would you feel unmotivated and at a disadvantage if for the first time a new supervisor was from a different culture than your own?
5. When working near co-workers from other cultures, are you outwardly “cool” but inwardly resentful?
6. Do you find that co-workers who have trouble with the English language irritate you?
7. Are you less tolerant with co-workers who maintain aspects of their own cultures than those who fully adopt your culture?
8. If you needed a co-worker to take your place while on a vacation, would you prefer to train someone from your own culture?
9. Would those who know you best say you need more time to be fully free of cultural prejudice?
10. Do you think it is more difficult for you to accept co-workers from a different culture than it is for them to accept you?

The more “No” answers you gave yourself, the more comfortable it should be for you to work in a culturally diverse workplace. However, you may wish to go back over the questions to see how many “Yes” answers you could, with effort, move into the “No” column. This exercise may give you some idea of how easy or difficult it may be for you to work effectively with a more diverse cultural mix of workers in the future.



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