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About the Authors - Pg. xi

xi About the Authors Sharon Lund O'Neil, co-author of Your Attitude Is Showing , is a widely published author. Her human relations cases, based on the corporate work environment, are popular with both trainers and ed- ucators. With a common-sense approach to problem solving, she has led national professional and educational organizations and has been the recipient of many teaching awards. She holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois and is currently a professor at the University of Houston. In Memoriam: Elwood N. Chapman, co-author of Your Attitude Is Showing and author of several other books, was known as "Mr. Attitude." He was praised for his friendly writing style and practical advice. People who knew "Chap" speak fondly of his concern for people. A former professor at Chaffey College, Chap was a nationally-known consultant and speaker.