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Part: 1 You Can't Smack 'Em—Manage Them ... > What Makes Difficult People Tick … a... - Pg. 25

25 Chapter 3. What Makes Difficult People Tick ... and Tick ... In This Chapter · Why people behave in difficult ways · What difficult people are after · Why me, Lord, why me? · Applying your understanding of difficult people As you go through the rest of this book, you're going to find lots of tips to help you deal with difficult people and situations. You'll save yourself time, money, and frustration by remembering that there isn't a single magical prescription for dealing with every difficult person and every difficult situation. You need to know what strategies to use in which situation and when to use them. To make that decision properly, you need to understand what makes difficult people tick--what drives their be- havior. What are they trying to obtain by behaving in ways you think are difficult? That knowledge will help you determine how to respond more effectively and tailor your actions to the situation. In this chapter we focus on the reasons why people behave in difficult ways.