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Chapter 14. Worry About the Other Shoe D... > Is Workplace Violence Predictable? - Pg. 146

Worry About the Other Shoe Dropping-- Violence 146 From the Manager's Desk Poor dismissal techniques put you and your staff at risk. Learn how to do it properly. Consider getting some training. At minimum, consider practicing the dismissal process with a colleague in a role-playing process. Be prepared. 9. 10. 11. Consider dismissing at the end of a day and/or on a Friday. There is some advantage to not exposing the employee to the humiliation of having to leave in front of his or her co-workers. However, the downside to this is that the dismissed employee may have less access to supportive friends. There are pros and cons to having the person escorted from the building by security guards. While it may be helpful in high-risk situations, it's also incredibly humiliating. Unless there are warning signs of potential violence, consider letting the ex-employee leave the building alone, and come back after hours to get his or her belongings. Or, give him or her a choice. If the ex-employee contacts you for clarification, respond as quickly and promptly as possible. Losing one's job is disorienting and anxiety provoking. By delaying responses to questions, you increase the person's level of upset and frustration. You also seem less helpful. That