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Chapter 14. Worry About the Other Shoe D... > Is Workplace Violence Predictable? - Pg. 148

Worry About the Other Shoe Dropping-- Violence 148 Workplace Behavior There are some predictors of violence related to work behavior. Often the perpetrator has a track record or pattern of being involved in workplace violence or verbal violence previously. The person may have uttered threats and have a hair-trigger temper. Does the person seem to hold grudges way beyond what would be considered normal? How does the person react to criticism from the boss or others? Is the reaction way out of proportion to the issue? That may be an indicator. Obsessions Obsessions seem to be fairly typical of violence perpetrators. Perhaps the most important one is an obsession with violent issues, news, or weapons and firearms. Does the person talk a lot about those things? That's a prime indicator. Also, is the person obsessed with the job? Is it the main or only focal point for his life? Another indicator is compulsive behavior in general. For example, is the person obsessed with neatness or cleanliness? Finally, does the person have intense romantic obsessions that are unwarranted, or has the person talked about stalking or been accused of stalking in the past? Action Changes and Behavior Our last set of indicators has to do with specific changes in behavior. Be aware of newly acquired negative traits or peculiar behavior that emerges. That may signify that the person is "losing his grip."