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Chapter 14. Worry About the Other Shoe D... > Is Workplace Violence Predictable? - Pg. 147

Worry About the Other Shoe Dropping-- Violence 147 Insider Secrets We aren't very good at predicting violence, but that doesn't mean you are helpless to prevent it. We know that certain things can set off violent reactions. One of the easiest is to eliminate action that humiliates an employee: public criticism, demeaning comments, or ignoring positive contributions while criticizing poor performance. But let's be clear. Some people turn violent without any indicators, or you may not be aware of them given the employee's behavior on the job. The fact no indicators are present doesn't mean there will be no violence. And where there are indicators, it may mean nothing at all. So, I guess that answers the second question: You can't be sure a particular person won't turn violent, not with any degree of certainty. However, the following indicators may provide advance warning, and may help save a life. Personal Indicators Workplace violence perpetrators (particularly murderers) tend to be males over 35 years old. The person may have a history of mental difficulties, but often the problems have gone unnoticed. The