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Chapter 4. Why Me, Lord, Why Me?—The Man... > The Manager's Extra Burden - Pg. 40

Why Me, Lord, Why Me?--The Manager's Burden 40 The Manager's Extra Burden Managers are like everyone else in that they have bosses and are employees of the company. They have whatever obligations nonmanagement employees have with respect to acting according to company policies. But the responsibility doesn't stop there. Managers carry additional burdens and responsibilities, and when you were hired to a management position, it was assumed that you would accept those extra responsibilities and carry them out. From the Manager's Desk When the manager's extra burden gets you down, think about how good it feels to accomplish something special, such as solving a difficult-person problem. Let's look at the extra responsibilities you have as a manager, and explain why it is important that you understand them and don't ignore them. Responsibility for Your Work Unit's Productivity