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Chapter 4. Why Me, Lord, Why Me?—The Man... > … But It Might Be You - Pg. 39

Why Me, Lord, Why Me?--The Manager's Burden 39 This Won't Work! It's not a good idea to put people on the spot when asking for feedback. Asking "What's wrong with me?" isn't likely to give you very honest information from your staff. You can get around this by focusing on how you can be more helpful or useful. You'll get better information. With your boss, ask him or her whether there is anything you should be doing that might make you a better manager or contributor to the company. Bosses really like this, so there's an added benefit there. Clearly, all the feedback in the world isn't going to help if you don't really want to hear how other people see you. That's your choice, of course. It's Your Choice to Change Let's say you've figured out that, yes, you are contributing to the development of difficult people and difficult behavior in those around you. Then what? Are you doomed to misery? Are the people around you doomed, too?