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Chapter 4. Why Me, Lord, Why Me?—The Man... > … But It Might Be You - Pg. 38

Why Me, Lord, Why Me?--The Manager's Burden 38 Identifying If It Is You So, given our tendency to overlook our own shortcomings, how can you figure out whether or not you are a primary cause of your own grief? How can you find out what you need to change? First, look for patterns of behavior or reactions from others. Do people say the same things about you at home and in the workplace? That's a dead giveaway that there is something going on. For example, if your spouse and one or two of your staff think you are hard to talk to or that you aren't a good listener, then there's a good chance you are hard to talk to and you could use some work on your listening skills. Here are a few other reactions from others that you might want to pay attention to: · · · · · People avoid talking to you or are vague. People seem to be intimidated in your presence. People clam up when you appear. People seem defensive with you. People often get frustrated in conversations with you. Insider Secrets