153 Chapter 15. The Nutso Boss In This Chapter · Some bosses really are nuts · The different breeds of nutso-ness · Basic tricks to survive a nutty boss · The basic survival mind-set · Getting through to your boss with benign trickery Unless you own the company, you have a boss. Aren't you lucky? Not only do you deal with difficult employees and difficult peers (we'll discuss them later in this book), but you also have to deal with the peculiarities and oddities of your boss. Unfortun-ately, you're in a less-influential position with respect to your boss then you would be with your employees. Your boss has enough power to make your life miserable and significantly affect the path of your career. That's OK if you have a great boss. It's even OK if you have an average boss. It's a bit scary if you have a difficult boss, and it's out-and-out frightening if you have a completely nutso, maladjusted, irrational, or disturbed boss. In this chapter we'll look at difficult bosses so you understand them better. As with difficult employ- ees, we'll talk about getting the right mind-set so you can deal with your boss more effectively. Then we'll talk about an important part of dealing with anyone in command--communicating with him or her so your ideas and concerns are heard.