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Chapter 23. We're All Difficult Sometime... > Sometimes You Just Have to Ask - Pg. 251

We're All Difficult Sometimes--Are You Difficult oo Much? 251 Generally, performance management includes some annual (or otherwise regular) communication process to discuss performance. Often the process happens twice a year. At the beginning of your new year you sit down and discuss performance expectations. You might recall we called that per- formance planning. At the end of the year, you sit down and talk about performance over the past year. That's usually called performance appraisal or performance review. It's either your performance that is the focus (with your boss) or it's the performance of your em- ployees (if you are doing an appraisal). This regularly scheduled process, which should be an essential communication pro-cess in all or- ganizations, provides a venue for the discussion of how both your boss and your employees perceive you. Yes, that's right. You can use the performance-management system to get information from your employees. Let's get the boss thing out of the way. The formal process of performance review is an ideal time to get information from your boss. In fact, that's what it's there for. We would hope that your boss would be good at running such a meeting, but often the boss isn't. So when you meet with the boss to discuss his or her expectations of you or to talk about your performance over the past year, you may need to take some initiative so you get the feedback you need. This Won't Work!