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Chapter 23. We're All Difficult Sometime... > Some Difficulty Indicators - Pg. 247

We're All Difficult Sometimes--Are You Difficult oo Much? 247 What about physical reactions from other people? Can you use them to figure out whether people see you as difficult or not? To some degree. Here's a good indicator: If you walk down the hall, do your employees all scatter as if a hand grenade is rolling at them? Just kidding--most indicators are quite subtle. Look for nonverbal indicators and tone of voice. When you interact with your boss or your employees or pretty much anyone, their reactions to you will often be conveyed through their tone of voice and their body language. Here are some things to watch for when you interact with people. These may indicate that others perceive you as frustrating: · · · · · Aggressive tone of voice Bored look and mannerisms Frustration signals (sighing, rolling of eyes) Shutting down (getting quiet for no apparent reason) Argumentativeness Again, keep in mind that we all get these reactions from someone now and then. If you find that a number of people react this way across situations and over time, the odds are it does have some- thing to do with your behavior. Apart from trying to figure out the meaning of the actions of the people around us, there's another way to assess whether you're difficult, and that's to look at your behavior. Here are some questions to ask yourself: · · Do I tend to interrupt in conversations? Am I often impatient in conversation?