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Using Performance Management to Help 92 need to determine the cause if you can, so you look at some other data. You learn that Joan is actually handling more calls per hour, and many of them come from the most challenging cus- tomers. So it may be that Joan's complaint rate is a result of going too quickly or that she is dealing with more challenging calls. You might continue to look at other data to discover the cause. We shouldn't underestimate the importance of trying to find real data here. If you assume it's some sort of problem with Joan and the true cause lies elsewhere, then Joan is going to be exceedingly upset. And if it is a problem with something Joan is doing, then you need to know how to help. And for that you need information. The Performance Review Most managers are familiar with the terms "performance review" or "performance appraisal." If per- formance planning is the first step of performance management, performance review is the last. A performance review is a meeting between employee and manager to discuss how the employee has done over the past year (and sometimes more often). Some form of documentation of the discussion is produced which both manager and employee sign. Here are a few things to remember about this process. First, the cardinal rule: no surprises. The employee should already know where he or she stands before walking into the meeting. How is this possible? Well, as a great manager you've been communicating all year, right? So the meeting is just a way of formalizing and recording things. The second rule is also important. Many managers use the performance review to lecture the em- ployee on his or her behavior. That is absolutely not the point. You should be talking less than the employee because you want the employee to self-evaluate and provide feedback on his or her own performance. After all, who is the person who is always present when Mary does her job? Well,