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Chapter 9. Using Performance Management ... > Using Performance Management to Solv... - Pg. 95

Using Performance Management to Help 95 Over the months, information came to Joan about some of Joseph's behavior. Some of it she heard from others. Some of it she saw directly. Once or twice she heard Joseph speaking to a coworker in an unpleasant way. There was one instance of Joseph berating a coworker in an insulting way. Joan looked into the instances that she'd heard about from others, and decided there could be a potential problem. She documented the incidents she'd heard directly, and anything she could verify about the third-party complaints. She applied a reality check to the process, and determined the inappropriate behavior was potentially damaging. Then the ongoing communication process kicked in. She set up a meeting with Joseph (or it could have been a regularly scheduled status meeting) to bring up the subject. She told him that it ap- peared he wasn't following the guidelines and explained specifically what Joseph needed to change and how she would help him. From the Manager's Desk Hard productivity-related issues and softer interpersonal-communication problems often go together, but not always. Sometimes it is your most productive employees who are disruptive. That doesn't excuse it or justify your ignoring the situation. At some point even productive employees who are difficult can cost more than they