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Chapter 9. Using Performance Management ... > Performance Management Isn't What Yo... - Pg. 87

Using Performance Management to Help 87 What Performance Management Isn't Before we map out the steps in performance management, let's talk about some of the common misconceptions both managers and employees have about it. First, performance management isn't something a manager does to an employee. In fact, if that's how you approach it, it loses most of its value as a management tool. It is done in partnership, because if it's done well it benefits everyone: you, the employee, and the company. From the Manager's Desk Performance management is a powerful tool when it is used correctly. Most managers need to upgrade their understanding of the process. We recommend you locate a good book on the subject to guide you and upgrade your own understanding, because it really is a book-length topic. Second, performance management, and by extension performance review or appraisal, is not a club to force people to work better or harder. This ties in with the notion that you can't make someone work harder or behave differently. You need the person's cooperation.