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Chapter 15. The Nutso Boss > So You Want to Try Getting Through to Your Boss? - Pg. 161

The Nutso Boss 161 So You Want to Try Getting Through to Your Boss? How do you feel about the options presented so far? Are you saying, "Hey, I don't want to play those games," or "If that's what I need to survive, I'd rather just move on"? Those are both reasonable reactions. If your boss plays hardball, it's difficult to survive without also playing hardball, and that's not for everyone. Although crazy bosses aren't likely to change, it's possible to manage them a little bit. And the things you do to get through to your nutty boss are the same things you do to get through to any boss. We are going to talk about these techniques. Al- though there is still an element of game playing involved, you'll find it much more palatable. What Drives Your Boss? Here's your starting point. Take some time to answer these questions: · What drives my boss crazy or keeps him or her up at night? · What turns the boss's crank? What gets him or her excited? From the Manager's Desk The techniques you use to get through to a nutty boss are the same as one would use with any boss, even a really good one. They are useful for getting heard. Don't use them only with the nutty bosses. Have you figured out why these are important? Think about a really good salesperson. What do they do? They identify the needs and wants of the buyer, then link their product to those needs and wants. In other words, a good salesperson solves a potential buyer's problems, and then the po- tential buyer becomes a buyer. It's no different with a boss. Even twisted bosses have problems, ambitions, and things that drive them crazy. Link what you're after to solving those problems and you just might get the attention and help of even the nuttiest boss. And if your boss isn't nutty, the approach still helps you get heard. Link Your Goals to the Boss's Problems First, figure out what you need from your boss in a given situation. Is it a specific decision? Increased budget? Perhaps it's more autonomy. Whatever it is, look for the selling points from the boss's point of view--even if the boss's point of view is nutso, twisted, and bent. If your nutty boss isn't much interested in productivity but is into politics and empire building, it will be pointless to highlight the productivity increases of your request. It's far more useful to highlight the political benefits that will come to your boss for making "such a wise, insightful decision." If your boss is one of those jelly types and hates making any decisions, how can you get more autonomy and authority? Simple. Link the autonomy and increased authority with reducing the workload of the jelly person or with reducing his or her stress. Link it to what drives the person crazy or what excites the person.