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Chapter 15. The Nutso Boss > Developing a Productive Mind-set - Pg. 159

The Nutso Boss 159 Get Small, Get Invisible, Be Sneaky This approach is one I've used with crazy bosses and is my favorite. The general idea is to take oneself out of the crosshairs of the difficult boss by keeping a low profile, not making waves, and appearing to go along. But you don't. You don't ask permission. You don't go to the boss for decisions. You work around him or her. You do things the right way and try to minimize your boss's effect on your work unit. You stonewall. You withhold information when possible. You work in the shadows. From the Manager's Desk One motto of the invisible, sneaky, hard-to-find survivor is: "It's easier to do something, then ask permission, than to ask permission first." This frequently applies with a nutso boss. When you have to, you nod a lot when speaking to the nutso boss, then forget what it's safe to forget. You claim misunderstandings if confronted. You never argue.