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Chapter 15. The Nutso Boss > Tricks to Survive a Nutty Boss - Pg. 156

The Nutso Boss 156 The paranoid empire builder also has a habit of taking credit for everything good and never shoul- dering the blame for anything. She spends time playing back- office politics and lobbying for position within the company rather than doing something really useful. This Won't Work! If the empire builder is a better politicker then you and you go head-to-head on her playing field, you'll end up dead meat. These folks are dangerous to your career. The Totally Incompetent Nice Addict The motto of the nice addict is: "Love me, love me, love me." A compelling need to be liked (rather than respected) makes this person weak and incompetent. The nice addict likely has very few man- agement skills, since he hasn't taken the time to learn any. Most of his time is spent learning how to be nice. The nice addict never makes hard decisions and appears to be interested in others' opinions but doesn't want to offend anyone. Like Jelly, he prefers to do nothing rather than annoy someone. The nice addict isn't able to put distance between himself and his employees. To him, you are all friends who must love him.