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Chapter 15. The Nutso Boss > Some Bosses Really Are Nuts - Pg. 154

The Nutso Boss 154 Some Bosses Really Are Nuts Is your boss just plain nuts or is your boss just normally difficult? This is an important question. Why? Because if you work for a crazy, maladjusted boss, it's not likely he or she is going to change. While you can try to make the best of the situation, if this person is an egomaniac, a career destroyer, or a legitimately nasty human being, eventually you have to make a serious choice. Do you want to continue to suffer career-wise and health-wise by staying? Or perhaps it's time to consider other options, such as trying to get transferred or preparing yourself for a job search. From the Manager's Desk If you work for a nutty boss, realize that the boss isn't likely to change. Weigh the effects of a lousy boss on your health and future. Is it worth staying? If not, look at options and draw up a contingency plan if you decide to leave. If your boss is nutso, you'll face that bottom-line decision of going or staying much faster than if you work for the average difficult (but human) boss. So, what are the indications that your boss isn't going to change no matter what you or anyone else does?