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Chapter 15. The Nutso Boss > So You Want to Try Getting Through to Your Boss? - Pg. 163

The Nutso Boss 163 · Leave something in writing.If what you need is complicated or the boss needs to have the details at his or her fingertips, prepare a one-page, bulleted summary of what you want to do. Your nutty boss probably won't read it, but it is a form of documentation. Keep a copy for yourself. For the non-nutso boss, the summary will be handy. Again, stress the benefits to the boss from the boss's point of view. · Do a no-pitch pitch.This one's a little tricky. A no-pitch pitch is a disguised way of getting the boss to think about your idea by making it seem to come out of his or her own head. In the no- pitch pitch, you don't ask for anything. You just drop hints, like this: "You know, I bet I wouldn't have to take up so much of your time if I could decide on shift schedules on my own." That's it. You drop it in, then leave it. You make it appear as if the idea just popped into your head. This can work very well with bosses who think their ideas are the only good ones. So you play along. Let the boss think she's thought up the idea and is absolutely brilliant. Drop your idea to others, too. If you want your boss to notice your idea or need, use the no-pitch pitch to others the boss is likely to talk to--the boss's peers, his or her boss, or even other managers. They might see enough merit in the idea to present it to the boss. And that's good. If you surround your boss with an idea that seems to be in his or her interest, you are more likely to get it accepted if it comes from several people over time. The Least You Need to Know · Nutso bosses don't often change for the better. · You may have to be the one to change. · Your mind-set is important for survival.