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Chapter 15. The Nutso Boss > So You Want to Try Getting Through to Your Boss? - Pg. 162

The Nutso Boss 162 Do the Pitch Now you are prepared to pitch your idea. Again, appeal to the weak, crazy parts of a crazy boss. If your boss is an egomaniac, frame what you want as his or her idea in the first place. Here's an example: "You know, last week, I think you had a great idea about how to look really good to the board. And I think we can do that if [make your request]." Insider Secrets Here's a secret about bosses in general. Want to get covered in glory and get promoted? Make your boss's life easier from his or her point of view. Try this with your boss, and the next boss up as high as you can go, and you'll be amazed what happens. If you have a boss who takes all the credit but never the blame, or one who refuses to delegate, try this one: "You know, I can see you're swamped with work and there's a lot of pressure. I might have