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Chapter 15. The Nutso Boss > Developing a Productive Mind-set - Pg. 160

The Nutso Boss 160 Don't Expect Squat I figure you're pretty smart. You bought this book, didn't you? I also figure that if you've worked for a nutty boss, you know you can't expect much of anything good from him or her. So get used to it. Get comfortable with it. From the Manager's Desk Remember this? What you focus on, you get more of. If you focus on how evil your boss is, you will get more disturbance, more anger, and more frustration. If you focus on dealing with the situation and getting work done, you're likely to get more success and a greater sense of accomplishment. If your boss never gives you credit for good work and you've decided to continue working for that person, then you can wait for some magical change to occur or you can be smart and realize that's just the way it is. Which makes more sense? To live in some imaginary world that doesn't exist, or deal with the real situation you have in front of you? It's a no-brainer.