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Chapter 15. The Nutso Boss > Tricks to Survive a Nutty Boss - Pg. 158

The Nutso Boss 158 People with titles and formal power aren't the only ones you need to connect to. Sometimes the most influential people aren't those with formal power but are influential because they are productive and respected. Identify who these people are and cultivate them. For example, Joanne worked for a very difficult boss and had difficulty communicating with him. All her ideas were rejected. She decided to spend time socializing with and helping some of the other managers reporting to the difficult boss, occasionally making suggestions to them. The idea was that her ideas would be better received coming from others, and she was right. The information you need to deliver to your connections has to do with the bottom line: how the nutso boss is causing problems with productivity. You don't say:"My boss is a complete idiot and jellyfish." You say:"It's getting more and more difficult to hit the work quotas because I can't get George to authorize the overtime." You don't say:"George is a stark-raving empire builder. You say:"It would help us get things done faster if I had more authority to make decisions." See how it works? You are making basic information available to others. Notice what you are doing here. You aren't complaining endlessly. You aren't telling people what they should do with the in- formation. What you hope will happen is that others will have the same experiences and be in a better position to exert some positive influence. Conduct Business Publicly Many of the nutso-boss types thrive on concealing their bad behavior from others. It's kinda like hiding under a rock with the other crawling beings, but we don't want to insult innocent insects here. Also, because nutso bosses are unpredictable, dishonest, forgetful, and even devious, it's best to