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Chapter 15. The Nutso Boss > Tricks to Survive a Nutty Boss - Pg. 157

The Nutso Boss 157 You get to define what "surviving a nutty boss" means for you. It could mean winning (but you have got to recognize that this isn't likely). It could mean just getting out of the situation in one piece. It could be keeping a positive attitude and not allowing the boss to wreck your emotional life. Figure out what it means to you to survive and make choices that will get you there. For example, Erica worked for a nutso boss, but the boss was mentoring Erica in her position. After weighing the options and plusses and minuses, she decided she should stay as she was building her skills and her career. She felt the opportunity to learn and the good salary made it worthwhile. If you work for one of these folks, you have to recognize that the boss does not have the best interests of you or your staff at heart, and may not really care about work getting done. That's the starting point. Get Connected If you work for a nutso boss, are you prepared to become a difficult employee? That is, are you comfortable entering into the back-channel world of the selfish nutso boss? It's important to decide because the ways we manage nutty bosses will involve some backroom politicking. If you aren't comfortable doing this and living with the consequences, it may be time to consider finding another position in order to save your sanity. From the Manager's Desk One way of managing a difficult boss is to try and win at the boss's game. You may find that process unpalatable (I do). You can be open and honest, or you can use the same dirty tactics some bosses use and try to win. It really is up to you. OK, so your answer is, "Yes, I'm willing to enter into the dark realm of internal politics." Your first task is to get connected. Cultivate the ears of your boss's peers and other important leaders in your company. How do you use these connections if you have them? Your hope is that your nutty boss will come to the attention of people above him or her and some decisions will be made to remedy the problem. The way to push this along is to make information available to your connections. It's important to understand that you aren't launching a personal assassination attempt here, and you must stay away from revenge or any deliberate attempt to harm your bozo boss. First, it's wrong. Second, if you enter in that dirty world, you will lose all credibility with the good, sane people who can help you. Insider Secrets