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Chapter 15. The Nutso Boss > Some Bosses Really Are Nuts - Pg. 155

The Nutso Boss 155 Jelly-Fished Out The jelly-fished out boss is the person who can't take a stand, can't make decisions, and worse, won't allow anyone else to make decisions either. This kind of boss, while not intentionally harmful to others, makes other people look bad through inaction. Delegation of responsibility is a stranger to ol' jelly guy. And Jelly's motto is: "Why make a decision today if you can wait a year until it's too late?" If you are a dedicated manager, Jelly will drive you nuts, because it's almost impossible to do a good job when you can't get decisions made or are not allowed to make them yourself. Egomaniac Puppeteer Sad! The puppeteer is a controlling egomaniac who exhibits a number of really horrible character- istics. The egomaniac won't allow others to make decisions, because he mistrusts everyone or has a desire to control everything and everyone. The egomaniac meddles or micromanages with a finger in everything. This is a person who doesn't allow you to do your job because half the time you're on the phone or in a meeting with him. And that conversation consists of edicts, orders, or just plain rambling. Some egomaniacs have a knack for acting as if they want to hear your views and ideas but never pay attention to them. Often this boss is abusive in some way, or certainly abrupt. You get the impression you and your employees are irrelevant, and you're right. This person is selfish, self-centered, and damages productivity. Sometimes it seems like the puppeteer issues orders and edicts just to throw his weight around, because the next day he changes his mind. This Won't Work!