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Chapter 2. The Magical Manipulative Ways... > The Various Manipulative Techniques ... - Pg. 19

The Magical Manipulative Ways of the Difficult 19 That's a good thing. It means you--again, let's repeat, you--as recipient of the difficult behavior often get to determine what happens, provided you keep your wits about you, stay away from blam- ing, and stay constructive. If you stay away from blaming the person being difficult, recognize that you can take control of the situation, and understand that what happens after the "first shot" will be determined by your reaction, you will be in a better position to deal with those unpleasant situations. The Various Manipulative Techniques of the Difficult Believe it or not, the first step in dealing effectively with difficult people and situations is identifying that you are, in fact, being manipulated, attacked, or faced with difficult behavior. To do that, you need a sense of the kinds of tactics used when people are being difficult. Think of it this way. The earlier you recognize something difficult is going on, the more quickly you can react. That's important because the longer the behavior continues without you talking the ini- tiative, the harder it is to stop or turn the person away from that difficult tactic. From the Manager's Desk