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Chapter 2. The Magical Manipulative Ways... > It's Not the Difficult People, It's ... - Pg. 15

The Magical Manipulative Ways of the Difficult 15 It's Not the Difficult People, It's the Difficult Behavior It's a human tendency to identify people as being difficult or easy to get along with, and that affects how we interact with them. But the question is, is it that some people are difficult, or is it their behavior that bothers us? How Labeling People as Difficult Causes Problems Most--if not all--of us talk about difficult people. We think, "Oh, that's John again, why is he always a pain in the posterior," or, "Why is Mary so darned stubborn and difficult all the time?" We tend to characterize (or label) people and put them into boxes or categories. If you do that, it's not a character flaw on your part, but a way of trying to simplify the world. In fact, our brains are wired to do this automatically. Brains are wonderful information reduction and labeling machines. They classify, label, and organize information to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, while our brains do this labeling almost automatically, the process makes dealing with difficult people ... well ... more difficult. Here's why. This Won't Work!