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Chapter 2. The Magical Manipulative Ways... > The Various Manipulative Techniques ... - Pg. 20

The Magical Manipulative Ways of the Difficult · · · · · Directly refusing work assignments Indirect or covert sabotage of work assignments Unwillingness to take direction or suggestions Poor performance, defensiveness Hoarding of resources or competition for resources 20 As a manager, you have a responsibility to deal with problems as they occur, because to not do so may result in lower productivity. As a manager, you are accountable for that productivity. Employee Handbook Because guerrilla attacks occur behind your back, they are more dangerous because you may not be aware of them. One person bad-mouthing you in private can, over time, create splits among the employees of your organization. You need to be particularly alert to these tactics. This attack often occurs back-channel--that is, through rumors and private comments made behind your back. Attacks on You, the Manager