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Chapter 17. Silly Boss Behaviors—Specifi... > The Unreasonable-Demands Boss - Pg. 180

Silly Boss Behaviors--Specific Situations 180 From the Manager's Desk Moving around your boss or turning up the heat through other people has to be done subtly and artistically. Direct crude attempts to apply pressure often backfire. Be as subtle as you can. Often a whisper is better than a shout. What if the informal whisper in the ear doesn't work? Then Mary can use the same strategy she tried with Dirk. She sets up a formal meeting and says much the same thing to Eileen that she said to Dirk. Same tact. Same gentleness. Except she adds one thing. She tells Eileen that she talked to Dirk about it but didn't seem to get anything accomplished. She can do that because she's kept her notes from the meeting with Dirk. That's her backup. Eileen will either buy into solving the problem or not. If not, Mary needs to reexamine her position and decide whether she can live with the present situation, and whether she is prepared to be more aggressive. Last Resorts