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Chapter 17. Silly Boss Behaviors—Specifi... > A Sobering Thought - Pg. 185

Silly Boss Behaviors--Specific Situations 185 If you discover that the problem isn't your boss but the system in which you all work, then you are up against a very difficult challenge. If you do not have access to the people you need to deal with to solve the problem, it's not likely you can solve it. I know several managers who have looked around them, seen that the problem isn't one person but a set of people who don't manage well, and decided the company was a lost cause. It comes down to this: You try to change what is in your power to change. If you can't change something important, then you need to decide whether you can live with the status quo. The Least You Need to Know · Credit-stealing bosses can't fool all of the people all of the time. · Credit-stealing bosses are infuriating, but if you stay cool and work with the boss, you can succeed. · The overly demanding boss often creates unnecessary work by being disorganized. · Managing your difficult boss involves educating him or her about what you do. You also need to educate yourself about the boss's job.