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Chapter 17. Silly Boss Behaviors—Specifi... > The Credit-Stealing Boss - Pg. 179

Silly Boss Behaviors--Specific Situations 179 In these two short paragraphs Mary shows a considerable amount of artistry and application of what we've talked about so far. First, she makes the point that good ideas make everyone, including Dirk, look good. That's the selling point. She hits the downside for Dirk by noting that employees might leave because they aren't being recognized, and that would lead to lower sales. Why? Because she knows that Dirk is difficult because he craves looking good, and lowered sales would definitely not look good. So she's turned his weakness into a way of getting through to him. Take a look at Mary's introduction again. Notice the slant. She could have said: "I'm fed up with not getting credit for ideas my people come up with," This Won't Work! It's almost never a good idea to use blaming language that targets the boss. There is always better language to use that deflects blame and focuses on problem solving. but that would make her look really petty and selfish. She comes at the topic indirectly by explaining the effects of a lack of recognition--the potential loss of good ideas. And here's the key point. She says nothing, absolutely nothing, about Dirk being the problem. No accusations here. No blaming. And no putting Dirk on the defensive.