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Chapter 17. Silly Boss Behaviors—Specifi... > The Credit-Stealing Boss - Pg. 178

Silly Boss Behaviors--Specific Situations 178 Insider Secrets Want to hear a wonderful thing? Credit-stealing bosses can fool some of the people some of the time. But the rest of the time, people know what's going on. So, while a credit-stealing boss can sometimes get accolades from his superiors for an idea, it's usually only temporary and limited. People know. Take a longer term ap- proach and have faith that people in your organization know who is good at generating great ideas, and who is not. If you are good at it, people will start to recognize your unique personal style in generating ideas. What does Mary decide? She isn't comfortable ignoring the problem or living with it. Neither is she prepared to go to the wall and risk being fired. At least not yet. When and if it's clear she has little future, then that could change. Trying to Work It Out Because Mary wants to try to work things out with Dirk, and hopefully improve their relationship, she sets up a meeting with him. In a flash of brilliance she doesn't want to give Dirk time to prepare arguments, so she's a bit vague about the topic of the meeting when she sets up the appointment. Mary must prepare for the meeting, so she asks herself these questions: