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Chapter 20. Real Conflict and What to Do... > Five Different Ways to Manage Confli... - Pg. 214

Real Conflict and What to Do About It 214 Five Different Ways to Manage Conflict Before we move onto talk about the different methods you can use to manage conflict with your co- workers, let's point out the difference between managing conflict and resolving conflict. Resolving a conflict refers to a situation where you have solved the damn thing once and for all. It's done, finito ... resolved. In our example with George, resolving the conflict might involve coming up with a solution both of you really like. Or it might involve George quitting and no longer being a party to the conflict. In either case, it's done. Unfortunately, many conflicts can't be permanently and finally resolved. That's because it takes two to resolve something for good, and that willingness may not exist. So we talk about managing con- flict. Managing conflict is a process we use to minimize the negative aspects and effects of the conflict and maximize the positive aspects and effects. Employee Handbook Managing conflict is a process to reduce the negative outcomes of conflict and improve the chances that something good will come out of the conflict. Its purpose is not to make a conflict go away, but to improve the results.