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Chapter 20. Real Conflict and What to Do... > Is Conflict Always Bad? - Pg. 211

Real Conflict and What to Do About It 211 Employee Handbook Personalized conflict refers to conflict that has little to do with a specific disagreement and almost everything to do with personality, style, or the way people see themselves being treated. In personalized conflict, the parties generally dislike each other or lack respect for each other as people. It's probably obvious to you that personalized conflict is often destructive, wastes time, and can have a negative impact in the workplace. After all, we have talked about many of the difficult tactics people use. Is Conflict Always Bad? No, conflict is not always bad. In fact, I'll make the case that some conflict is actually beneficial to an organization. When we talk about the effects of conflict there are three categories. There's good conflict, bad conflict, and ... well, there's ugly conflict. The behavior of the parties involves deter- mines what you get: good, bad, or ugly. One other factor is the length of time the conflict continues. The longer the conflict continues, the more likely it will go from bad to ugly.