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Chapter 20. Real Conflict and What to Do... > Five Different Ways to Manage Confli... - Pg. 218

Real Conflict and What to Do About It 218 If you are a sharp reader, you will realize that using a power-based or competitive approach can be perceived by others as being difficult or even playing dirty pool. In some situations, it is. So, you have to be careful with this one. It may be appropriate when ... · · · · · you need a quick decision. you have the power to make that decision. you feel strongly about the issue. you can garner support if you need it. you aren't concerned about having a good relationship with the other party. It's really not a good option if ... · you use it too often. · you need to develop a good relationship with the other person. · you don't have a hope in hell of succeeding. If you have enough power and clout, a power-based solution can be the fastest way to move past the conflict or get things in motion. However, the use of power generally creates other long-term fallout and bad feelings. Collaborative Win-Win Method The conflict-management methods we have presented are designed to help you live with a conflict situation, minimize the downside, and increase the upside. However, they aren't the tools most likely to create new innovation, new ideas, and a higher level of productivity. A collaborative approach is designed to achieve these goals. What is a collaborative approach?